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Why do I need SEO on my Website?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adapting or modifying a Website so it can be correctly spidered by the Search Engines.  Google, Yahoo and other Search engines send “spiders” or “robots” to index your pages.  Our role is to fully understand how to make your site fully accessible to these “spiders” so they read and understand what your site is about.  SEO is the most important part of any Internet Marketing Campaign, done right you will see the following results.

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More New Business
  • More Visitors
  • Higher Customer retention
  • Lots more Business for you

Our SEO success for you is dependent on the keywords you require.  What sets Tempo SEO apart from our Competitors is we are no afraid to turn Business away.  Some keywords are just not achievable in a realistic timeframe that will give you a High Return on Investment.  This does not mean we are any worse than others in our Market Place we just want to be straight with clients to build a lasting relationship.

How do we make your site more visible to the Search Engines?

Good question! Only by using Intelligent Keyword choices, very clean source code and ultimately relevant content on the page can we get you Long term results.

SEO is ever changing

The Search Engines are multi Billion Dollar Businesses they need to keep delivering good results to their Billions of users around the world in order to keep them happy.  We notice major changes to the Search Engines every year this keeps their results relevant for their users.  Google being the most important of the Search Engines has changed the way it ranks sites on more than one occasion.  In fact Google is changing is algorithm over 400 times per year in order to stay at the front of Search Technology.  Other Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing have changed their ranking methods over the years as well to try to catch up with Google.  Tempo SEO is constantly monitoring these changes and adapting our methods of SEO to fit with these changes and keep our clients on the front page of Google.

Google monitors over 10 Billion Web Pages that is more Pages than Humans on the Earth!!  With over 10 Billion pages in the Google Database you are simply a Needle in a haystack with some sort of SEO being performed on your site.

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